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Our Services

Cloud Computing


Simplifying the Cloud


Challenge: Understanding the vast cloud ecosystem is a daunting task with a variety of complicated choices.  


Solution: We work with customers to devise a comprehensive cloud strategy appropriate to their immediate and long-range objectives.  Our experts produce secure cloud solutions to ensure on-demand computer system resources, reduce costs, and increase performance.

Service Offerings

  • Cloud Security

  • Cloud Architecture Strategy

  • Data and Application Migration

  • CloudOps

  • Containerization vs Virtualization

Cyber Security


Securing Critical Assets

Challenge: Cyber attacks are ever-evolving, diverse, and increasing complex while threatening vulnerable systems, networks, and data.

Solution: Our cyber experts apply a comprehensive cyber plan to protect sensitive data, sustain vital operations, and safeguard critical infrastructure.   

Service Offerings

  • Assessment and Authorization

  • Intrusion Management

  • Penetration Testing

  • Computer Forensics

  • Insider Threat

Agile Development


Deploying at Speed of Mission 


Challenge: Complex mission solutions must be deployed and operational when needed, where needed to satisfy customer needs.

Solution: We work collaboratively with customers while incorporating agile tools and methods to develop and deploy mission solutions that safeguard our country.

Service Offerings

  • Scrum / SAFe Methodology

  • Integrated and Continuous Security 

  • Optimization, Orchestration, and Automation

  • Continuous Integration & Deployment

  • Automated Testing & Deployment

  • One-Click Deployments

Business Intelligence

Analyzing Graphs

Transforming Data into Intelligence


Challenge: Mission data is received at a high rate of volume, velocity, and variety requiring innovative ways to store, analyze, produce, and disseminate accurate intelligence for decision makers.

Solution: We devise a data strategy for customers to leverage "big data" platforms which address all data types while allowing data to be cataloged, self-described, and discoverable by automated means. We implement strategies to enhance user experiences through information sharing and data visualization.

Service Offerings

  • Data Strategy and Acquisition

  • Data Repository Development

  • Data Migration

  • Mining and Statistical Analysis

  • Extraction and Visualization

Mission Specialists


Enabling Mission Success


Challenge: A comprehensive understanding of mission needs and strategies are essential to delivering high-impact solutions.

Solution: We blend technical leadership with a deep mission understanding to provide service delivery that enable mission success.  As trusted mission partner, our customers rely on our transformational leadership and technical innovation.

Service Offerings

  • Specialized TechOps solutions requiring critical, dynamic and unique blend of operational and technical expertise. 

  • GEOINT and SIGINT subject experts

  • Data Scientists

  • Intelligence Analysts

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